Shayna is a NYC-based AEA actor and singer. An east-coaster since birth, Shayna fell in love with theater attending countless Broadway shows throughout her childhood (including quite a few that were absolutely age-inappropriate). She spent her wee days acting out storybooks, singing into a Fisher-Price boom box with her sister, watching old movie musicals on VHS, & naturally showing the bigger kids who was boss.

Shayna received her BA from Hamilton College and trained further at Atlantic Acting Studio and Drama Centre London. After graduating, Shayna relocated to Ohio for a season with the Tony-award-winning Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park as a member of their young acting company. She gained invaluable career knowledge and practice, and her talent was recognized when she was cast as Mary Bennet in the Playhouse's best-selling mainstage show to date, Pride & Prejudice. Shayna is currently proud to call New York City home, though she has grand plans to perform and spend time in as many other states as possible.

Shayna counts fitness, cooking, and writing among her many hobbies, and has passions for wellness, psychology, and nutrition. She is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition. Shayna runs her own personal training and meal preparation coaching business called Weighted Plate, and also has a personal wellness blog/website, The Unstarving Artist. Check out these pages for tips about leading a healthy and full life and to learn about how to work with Shayna!

One final note: Shayna was first drawn to performing because the actors she saw on stage blew her mind with their ability to emotionally reach audience members. She certainly still identifies with that sentiment, and has ultimately continued on in this career path because she treasures human connection. Shayna hopes to inspire her fellow humans-- whether audience members or scene partners, both in life and on stage-- to care for one another & to practice bravery in relationships whenever possible.